Frequently Asked Questions about Relocation Services in Costa Rica
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Frequently Asked Questions about Relocation Services in Costa Rica

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  1. Why move to Costa Rica? Pros and Cons
  2. How to find a home in Costa Rica?
  3. Safety in Costa Rica
  4. What it means “Pura Vida”?
  5. What it means “Tico”?
  6. Costa Rican culture, mentality, customs and traditions
  7. What languages are spoken in Costa Rica?
  8. What are the main cities to live in Costa Rica?


  1. Buying a home – the buying process and what you need to know when buying in Costa Rica
  2. Are tourists allowed to buy property in Costa Rica?
  3. Properties for rent in Costa Rica, is better to rent or to buy?
  4. Hot locations for buying a property in Costa Rica
  5. Buy a home through a real estate agency or without an agent?
  6. Real estate market conditions
  7. What are the main steps in the process of buying and selling real estate?
  8. How long does the process of buying and selling real estate takes?
  9. Is there a real estate sales tax in Costa Rica?
  10. What expenses will I have when selling a property in Costa Rica?
  11. HoA, maintenance, and other expenses when owning a home in Costa Rica


  1. How to start a business in Costa Rica?
  2. How to register a business in Costa Rica?
  3. Lawyers in Costa Rica
  4. Accountants in Costa Rica
  5. Do I need to be a Costa Rican citizen to start a business?
  6. What documents are needed to open a business in Costa Rica?
  7. Taxation in Costa Rica
  8. What industries are developed in Costa Rica?
  9. Is it profitable to open a business in Costa Rica?


  1. Main airports in Costa Rica
  2. Where is the best place to buy airline tickets to Costa Rica?
  3. Transportation from airport
  4. Covid test requirements
  5. Travel insurance in Costa Rica
  6. Hotels in Costa Rica
  7. Travel inside the country
  8. Flights inside the country from city to city
  9. Flights from Costa Rica to other countries
  10. From where I can fly to Costa Rica?


  1. Banking system of Costa Rica
  2. How to open a bank account in Costa Rica?
  3. Which bank can I receive bank transfers from?
  4. Can I receive international bank transfers in Costa Rica?
  5. Can I open a bank account as a tourist?


  1. What is the currency in Costa Rica?
  2. Currency rates in Costa Rica
  3. How to change money in Costa Rica?
  4. Ministry of Finance of Costa Rica
  5. Investment in Costa Rica


  1. Most sought after professions in Costa Rica
  2. What can I do as an immigrant in Costa Rica?
  3. What is the average salary in Costa Rica?
  4. What does an immigrant need to get a job?
  5. Do I need a work visa to work in Costa Rica?
  6. Holidays and non-working days


  1. Company registration in Costa Rica
  2. Income tax in Costa Rica
  3. Social security tax
  4. Tax on interest income and dividends
  5. Import tax and sales tax
  6. IVA tax
  7. Capital Gains tax
  8. Health tax (Caja Costarricense Seguro Social)
  9. Property Transfer Tax
  10. Accountants and Lawyers


  1. Do I need a visa to visit or to live in Costa Rica?
  2. How to extend my legal stay in Costa Rica?
  3. How to apply for citizenship in Costa Rica?
  4. Residency and citizenship in Costa Rica
  5. Immigration 90 day rule
  6. US embassy in Costa Rica
  7. The main stages of immigration
  8. What rights do immigrants have in Costa Rica?
  9. Benefits of immigration to Costa Rica
  10. What nationalities live in Costa Rica?


  1. How to find a lawyer in Costa Rica?
  2. How to get a passport in Costa Rica?
  3. Social Security
  4. What laws do tourists need to know in Costa Rica?
  5. Marriage in Costa Rica
  6. Apostille and Consular Legalization


  1. Hospitals in Costa Rica
  2. Public or private doctors
  3. How to find a doctor in Costa Rica?
  4. How to get health insurance in Costa Rica?
  5. Cost of medical treatment in Costa Rica
  6. Quality of medicine in Costa Rica
  7. Dental treatment in Costa Rica
  8. Orthodontics


  1. Medical insurance for travel to Costa Rica
  2. Health insurance for foreigners
  3. Insurance in Costa Rica against coronavirus
  4. The cost of obtaining insurance in Costa Rica
  5. Car insurance


  1. What is the best place to buy a car in Costa Rica?
  2. How to get a driver’s license in Costa Rica?
  3. How to get car insurance in Costa Rica?
  4. Rent a Car in Costa Rica
  5. The process of buying a car
  6. Toll roads in Costa Rica


  1. Where is the best place to shop in Costa Rica?
  2. Online shopping in Costa Rica
  3. Shopping malls in San Jose and other cities
  4. Food prices in Costa Rica
  5. Prices for clothes and shoes in Costa Rica
  6. Fashion Trends in Costa Rica


  1. Which school to choose in Costa Rica, public or private?
  2. Which University to choose in Costa Rica, public or private?
  3. What documents are needed to study in Costa Rica?
  4. Preschool education in Costa Rica
  5. How much does higher education costs in Costa Rica?
  6. Most popular professions in Costa Rica
  7. What documents are required to enter a university in Costa Rica?
  8. Why study in Costa Rica?
  9. How wide is the choice of educational institutions in Costa Rica?
  10. Is there free tuition in Costa Rica?
  11. Are there scholarships in Costa Rica?


  1. Guns permits in Costa Rica
  2. Guns taxes in Costa Rica
  3. Marijuana laws in Costa Rica