Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Rent a Car in Costa Rica

Why rent a car in Costa Rica?

First of all, a car rental in Costa Rica is the best way to experience all the sights of the country. And there are really a lot of them in Costa Rica! The benefits of renting a car in Costa Rica are clear – go where you want, whenever you want. Plus, by renting a car in Costa Rica, you won’t be limited by anyone’s schedule other than your own. To maximize your vacation time, minimize the waiting time for your transport. If you are the type of person who likes to have the freedom to travel anywhere and wants comfort in a car, then renting a car is the right choice.

What are the requirements for renting a car in Costa Rica

To drive in Costa Rica as a foreigner, you will need your original passport, a valid tourist visa or entry stamp, and a valid original driver’s license from your country. The big advantage is that you don’t need an international driving license in Costa Rica.

However, if your driver’s license is not in Latin, you will need to obtain an international driving license. Also, you cannot use a photocopy of your driver’s license. Car rental companies in Costa Rica require an original, valid driver’s license. Even if you have already ordered from the same company, you need to bring your original driver’s license with you every time.

Important information about car rental in Costa Rica

  • If you receive a fine, pay it when you return the car. There is a law that may prohibit you from leaving the country if you do not.
  • You cannot rent vehicles in Costa Rica and travel outside the country.
  • Be sure to keep the contract and documents for the car (registration). Don’t lose your vehicle registration documents, you may have to pay a fine if you do.
  • If you are involved in an accident, report it to the car rental company as soon as possible. You will be in trouble with the rental company if you don’t.
  • Damage from driving on rivers or any body of water is not covered by any insurance. It’s the same with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Take part in the inspection. Take pictures and tell them if you see scratches, dents, or damage.
  • In Costa Rica, it is compulsory to wear seat belts, front and rear seats.

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