The process of buying a car

The process of buying a car

The process of buying a car

Any tourist can buy a car in Costa Rica without any problems. In this process, it is enough to have a passport. Cars are sold by hand, in-car markets and on the Internet.

It should be borne in mind that buying from hands is a rather difficult process. Local residents, even if they want to sell a car, does not mean that they will try very hard to do it. Costa Ricans can procrastinate and often put them off. Let’s say you schedule 5 meetings per day, at best you will be able to meet with 2. Therefore, it is better to overpay a little and buy a car at a car dealership.

The largest number of car dealerships are located in Grecia. It is 40 minutes from San Jose.

The process of buying a car in Costa Rica:

  • Car search
    Search for a car on the Internet or in the markets.
  • Vehicle check
    Before buying, be sure to check the technical condition of the car.
  • Trade registration
    All purchases are made with a lawyer. Check the cost of this service with a lawyer.
  • Documents receiving
    After the transaction is completed, after about two weeks, the changes will take effect and the documents will be available from the lawyer. Up to this point, the machine can be driven.

It is important to keep in mind that in Costa Rica the car is tied to a license plate. This means that when the car is reissued, the license plate remains the same. It is important to check that the purchased car has two documents: Riteivy – according to our Technical inspection and Marchamo – payment of tax. When buying a car, keep in mind that every year you will have to pay tax for the car and undergo a Technical Inspection.

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