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Benefits of immigration to Costa Rica

Benefits of immigration to Costa Rica

Certainly, Costa Rica is a wonderful country for those who love nature, wildlife and a very comfortable summer all year round. However, these are not the only advantages of this country.

Reasons for moving to Costa Rica: 

  • Cost of living in Costa Rica. The amount for a comfortable stay in Costa Rica is relatively low. Compared to any other country with Pacific ocean beaches and a robust economy, Costa Rica stands out in a positive way. Food prices are fair, and the food industry is as developed as it takes to feed the population. The state also sets prices for products. For example, if milk costs 150 columns, then more than one store has the right to add a margin.
  • Investment Opportunities. Business owners can find additional opportunities to implement their ideas. A transparent tax system and a convenient economy of the state give scope for entrepreneurship.
  • Costa Rica tax system. The principle of Costa Rica’s tax system is territorial division. This means that only income earned domestically is taxed. Anything that comes from abroad remains completely untouched by the Costa Rican tax authorities. Therefore, Costa Rica is to some extent popular as an offshore jurisdiction. This system is great for immigrants whose income remains in their home country.
  • Incredible nature. Costa Rica will definitely surprise tourists with its climate, flora and fauna. The variety of plants and animals is surprising, and their combinations with landscapes are striking to the core. After visiting Costa Rica, many tourists fall in love with its nature and unforgettable landscapes and think about moving to this country.
  • Obtaining citizenship. It is not difficult to obtain a residence permit or permanent residence in Costa Rica. The government has put together various systems so that everyone can legally move to live in the country without unnecessary bureaucracy. For example, in order to obtain permanent residence as a wealthy person, you need to provide proof of existence with a certain amount. For this, a certificate from the bank is provided stating that the amount is contained in the deposit of an individual.
  • Opportunities to overcome the language barrier. People are often afraid that they will not be able to adapt in a new country without knowing the local language and because of this, they feel daily discomfort in communicating with local residents. But if you have an intermediate level of English, there is nothing to worry about. Costa Rica easily accepts English speakers. According to some reports, English is the most common language here. In addition, Spanish is also commonly spoken. And why is moving to such a country not a reason to master a new language? By the way, a third of our world speaks Spanish. His knowledge will allow you to travel around the planet and further.

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