Why move to Costa Rica

Why move to Costa Rica? Pros and Cons

Why move to Costa Rica? Pros and Cons

Costa Rica is a small but very beautiful and hospitable country. It never ceases to attract tourists. Many foreigners, having come to this country to spend their holidays in it, fall in love with its beautiful nature and atmosphere so much that they decide to stay in it. This desire is also influenced by the policy of the authorities, who managed to create comfortable conditions for work or doing business. Immigration to Costa Rica is gaining popularity also thanks to the simple legalization procedure.

Pros and cons of immigration to Costa Rica

Of course, tourism and immigration are two different things. What on vacation touches and delights with permanent residence can start to annoy. Conversely, what tourists do not notice can be very useful for people who have moved to this country. Therefore, before deciding on a serious step and changing your place of residence, you should analyze all the pros and cons that those who decide to link their future destiny with Costa Rica receive.

The pros include:

  • Mild comfortable climate. The geographical position gave the country a pleasant, not subject to sharp fluctuations in the weather. Throughout the year, the thermometer shows approximately 28 degrees Celsius. And this is a huge plus for many foreigners who dream of a permanent but very comfortable summer. Residents do not have to endure the unbearable heat in summer and suffer from heavy rains and cold in winter.
  • A fairly high standard of living. The country’s budget is regularly replenished with funds from the tourist season, which remains relevant all year round.
  • Stability. The state can boast of stability in economic development and political situation. Inflation is kept at a low level here.
  • Spanish. The state language is Spanish. Practice shows that migrants from different countries quite easily master it, after which they get the opportunity to communicate with residents of 30 countries of the world.
  • Investment security. A stable economy is a guarantor of safe and profitable investments in various areas of the economy, including real estate.
  • Visa-free travel. Migrants who have acquired the citizenship of the country are entitled to visa-free travel to the territories of more than 120 countries of the world, including the European Union.
  • Mentality. Local residents are distinguished by their benevolence and openness. They do not tend to evaluate foreigners only in terms of income generation.

However, as in any country, Costa Rica has more than just pluses. There are also disadvantages that you should also be aware of:

  • Low salaries. Despite the stable economy and low inflation, the level of wages in the country is much lower than in Europe. Foreigners are unlikely to be attracted to relocation in order to generate income from employment.
  • The high cost of real estate. EU and US citizens love to visit Costa Rica and willingly buy square meters there. This demand from foreigners makes the cost of housing remain at a fairly high level.
  • Poisonous fauna. The warm country is home to a wide variety of insect and reptile species, many of which are poisonous.
  • Small area. The size of the country is small enough, so migrants from Russia may feel embarrassed after the vast expanses of their homeland.
  • Criminal situation. The country’s authorities keep the criminal situation under control, but vigilance must not be lost. On the streets of cities, you can face theft or robbery.
  • Obtaining citizenship. Despite the transparency of the legalization procedure, obtaining Costa Rican citizenship is still more difficult than some other countries in Latin or Central America.

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