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How to apply for citizenship in Costa Rica?

How to apply for citizenship in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica offers interesting options for obtaining a residence permit for foreign investors, retirees and people with stable wages.

You can get Costa Rican citizenship after 7 years of legal residence in the country. The passport allows you to travel without a visa to many countries of the world, including European countries. Costa Rica recognizes dual citizenship.

In 2021, among the effective ways to obtain citizenship in Costa Rica are:

  • Citizenship through childbirth.
  • Rentier visa for retirees and wealthy people.
  • Investor Citizenship.
  • Citizenship by naturalization.
  • Political refuge.

At the moment, a request for citizenship is usually considered for 3-6 months, there are cases when the process is delayed for 1 calendar year. With a successful outcome, the applicant and the entire family become Costa Ricans and receive the right to vote and participate in all internal programs.

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