Why move to Costa Rica

Residency and citizenship in Costa Rica

Residency and citizenship in Costa Rica

Residency in Costa Rica

To relocate to this country, you need to go through obtaining a residence permit, especially since it is not very difficult here, and you can pick it up individually. After a while, it will be possible to obtain citizenship.

There are several programs for those wishing to move to this country:

  • married couples;
  • retired people;
  • those wishing to invest money;
  • the rentier.

To obtain a residence permit for any of these programs, you should prepare a standard package of documents:

  • certificate of fingerprinting;
  • payment of tax levy;
  • passport and its copies;
  • three copies of a photograph;
  • payment of state fees;
  • birth certificate;
  • certificate of absence of problems with the law.

Citizenship in Costa Rica

Obtaining citizenship of Costa Rica opens up unprecedented prospects for holders of residence and citizenship. Firstly, the happy holders of a Costa Rican passport are granted visa-free travel to many countries of the world, including all of Europe, the Schengen zone, Canada, England, Australia, Japan and many other countries (where a visa is required with a Russian passport) – a total of 170 countries. Secondly, the standard of living in Costa Rica evokes only positive emotions – not only Russian citizens buy real estate there, but also citizens of the United States and Europe who want to live in a calm and one of the most developed countries of Latin America.

Also in Costa Rica, you can find a job in your specialty or open your own private business, with the proper conduct of which this business will give a solid income. Unlike Europe, there is no need to invest or open a business with a huge capital of many hundreds of thousands of euros, which can be easily lost or buy real estate for a lot of money in order to get a residence permit in one of the European countries, which then cannot be sold for the same money.


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