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How to find a home in Costa Rica?

How to find a home in Costa Rica?

Buying your own home is definitely a very responsible step for every person. At the same time, it is worth considering many factors that are important when choosing a house or apartment. For example, what type of real estate is right for you, what area of housing.

Real estate is a good investment. Having your own home, you can feel confident in the future, your family is safe.

When choosing a future home, it is very important to study the following factors:

  • Infrastructure. How close are a grocery store and public transportation?
  • Educational establishments. Is there a kindergarten and a school in the vicinity – if these questions are not relevant now, perhaps in the future they will become such.
  • Neighborhood. Rate how well-kept the yard is and how safe the surroundings are. Also, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with potential neighbors.
  • The technical condition of the house. Check for cracked walls or visible moisture. You can study the information about the house project in more detail. This way you will find out what are its benefits and the most common problems. Be sure to find out what the status of the land is, who maintains the house, and find out if the house is in debt.
  • Property value. It is very important for yourself to determine how important the price of the property is and, of course, what your source of funding will be. This is especially true when buying a home with a mortgage.

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