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Marriage with a Costa Rican – the way to obtain a residence permit in Costa Rica

You can become a permanent resident of Costa Rica by marrying a citizen of this country. The creation of a family must be recorded in a special government body – the Costa Rican State Register. Only an extract from this institution will allow a foreigner to apply for a temporary residence permit. In addition, living with a residence permit in the country for 3 years, you can apply for a permanent residence permit and citizenship of Costa Rica.

Having registered a marriage with a native of Costa Rica, a native of another country is entitled to a residence permit. To do this, you must first send the marriage data to the Costa Rican state register. Based on this record, the foreigner will be assigned the status of a temporary resident and a residence permit will be issued.

It should be noted that in order to obtain such a residence permit, it is not necessary to be in Costa Rica for a long time. There are no requirements for the minimum number of days spent in the country. The main thing is to visit there at least once. Two years after marriage, you can apply for Costa Rican citizenship.

There are many benefits to this type of immigration. One of them is the ability to live in the country for only 1 day a year. It is worth noting that the state authorities extremely strictly control the legality of alliances. For the conclusion of a fictitious marriage, a foreigner will face administrative responsibility and deportation from the country.

Immigration to Costa Rica on the basis of family ties is the only legal way to obtain permanent resident status and citizenship without obtaining a temporary residence permit.

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