Costa Rica: the history of the country

Costa Rican culture, mentality, customs and traditions

Costa Rican culture, mentality, customs and traditions

Costa Rica is one of the most hospitable countries. There are friendly and quite friendly people living here. This country has a special atmosphere, interesting traditions and unusual culture.

As you know, Costa Ricans occupy a high position in the ranking of the happiest people on the planet. These people truly know how to live in pleasure and enjoy every day. Costa Ricans are also colloquially referred to as Ticos.They have a rich culture full of traditions from both the indigenous and colonial era. In addition, Costa Ricans love meeting families and friends for fun socializing and hanging out together. Unfortunately, in many countries this is already a thing of the past.

Religious Holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rican society is closely associated with religion, in particular with Catholic Christianity. Therefore, some of its most important holidays are religious.

One of them is Romería. In it, people go from anywhere in Costa Rica to the Basilica of Angels in Cartago. In it, Mass is celebrated on August 2 in honor of the Virgin of the Angels, also known as the brave patron saint of the country.

Another important date in the country is Easter. On Good Friday, Lagarteada is celebrated in Ortega de Bolson, Guanacaste. This includes hunting the Tempisk crocodiles on the river, taking them to the city center and then releasing them (they were killed in the past).

Food habits

The main ingredients of Costa Rican cuisine are corn, rice and beans. The national cuisine of Costa Rica cannot be imagined without such a dish as Casados. This name refers to a mixture of rice and beans with meat. No less popular delicacy in the country is considered A La Pancha – baked fish, pies stuffed with meat, cheese or chicken – Arreglados and Conchas shells.

Moreover, coffee is an important drink in the country, as it has been one of the foundations of the economy for centuries. The coffee in this area is considered one of the best in the world.


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