Pura Vida

What it means “Pura Vida”?

What it means “Pura Vida”?

Pura Vida means “pure life” in Spanish.
Locals greet each other, say goodbye or wish a pleasant day very simply – “Pura Vida!”. Its uses and meanings are varied; it can be used as a greeting, an expression of polite indifference, gratitude, or goodbye. It’s a vivid reflection of philosophy and not easy to explain, but here are some of the effects you are likely to see while on vacation in Costa Rica.

People in this country have understood the true meaning of a measured, calm and unhurried life.

Pura Vida means: don’t get hung up on problems, enjoy every day, create, create beauty around you. And remember: you need to enjoy what you do. Only then will you achieve what you dream of.

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