Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Costa Rica is the perfect vacation destination

Costa Rica is undeniably a true paradise for those looking for interesting and exotic lands. This country is known both for its incredible variety of nature and for its unusual geography, because its shores are washed by two oceans: the Atlantic and the Pacific. Because of this, Costa Rica has a variety of beaches for all tastes. All this, as well as the developed tourist infrastructure, attracts many visitors from all over the world to Costa Rica.

In this country you can find everything for the most memorable trip. You can visit both dense humid jungles and active volcanoes, as well as mountain peaks. Costa Rica is justly proud of its wildlife conservation program, the most advanced in Latin America. It should be noted that one-fourth of the land in this country is under state protection, and in general, 12% of the total territory of Costa Rica is allocated for 25 national parks, biosphere reserves and nature conservation complexes.

Лучшие пляжи Коста Рики

Costa Rican nature

However, the protected areas are open to the public. Therefore, tourists who decide to spend a vacation in Costa Rica always have a wonderful opportunity to see many exotic animals in their natural environment. But Costa Rica is not only about getting to know the world of wildlife. In this country, a tourist is also waiting for a beach vacation. In addition, here you will find a wide variety of entertainment options. It can be rafting on mountain rivers, sport fishing or surfing.

Costa Rica, one of the safest countries in Central America. She also attracts guests with the stability of the political situation. Residents of Costa Rica abandoned the armed forces back in 1948. Nevertheless, this country has escaped the upheavals and upheavals that continually shake neighboring countries, and its peaceful and friendly people welcome many guests to their beautiful country who come here. from all over the world.

To all the advantages of this country, you can also add a mild pleasant climate all year round. There is no doubt that traveling to Costa Rica will be an exciting and unforgettable adventure.

In addition, Costa Rica has become one of the world’s surfing centers, where fans of this sport from all over the world gather. And this is not surprising: in addition to the varied waves and warm waters, tourists are also attracted by excellent cuisine, affordable prices and the friendliness of Costa Ricans.

Лучшие пляжи Коста Рики

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