Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?
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Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Despite the fact that Costa Rica is one of the smallest countries in Latin America, a lot of foreigners choose it to move. It has many benefits for life and confidently holds the lead in the ranking of the happiest countries in the world.

Stable economy

First of all, Costa Rica attracts foreigners with its economic stability and high standard of living. Meanwhile, the main sources of income are tourism and agriculture. Also, this country has low rates of unemployment and poverty.

High level of education

Costa Rica pays great attention to the education of the population. As a consequence, it has one of the highest literacy rates (97.8%) in the world. At the same time, about 30% of the country’s budget goes to education.

As a result, Costa Rica became one of the first countries to enact a free schooling law. And in 2012, the government introduced compulsory two-year preschool attendance.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Country of eternal summer and amazing nature

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is an incredibly beautiful country. It is known for its natural diversity. Moreover, 25% of Costa Rica’s territory is national parks and reserves. The variety of flora and fauna is surprising.

In addition, Costa Rica is famous for its picturesque beaches. It is washed by two oceans. Furthermore, if you like warm and sunny weather, you should choose Costa Rica for moving. There are no strong temperature fluctuations. And even despite the rainy season (from May to October), the climate in the country is pleasant for life.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Clean air and ecology

Ecology is perhaps one of the decisive factors for moving to Costa Rica. The country pays great attention to environmental protection. Besides, the air here is very clean. No wonder Costa Rica is considered one of the greenest places on the planet, and the area of the tree is more than half of the territory. Another advantage of living in Costa Rica is the quality of the water, here you can drink water even from the tap.

In conclusion, it is worth adding that Costa Rica is an eco-friendly country. More than 99% of electricity is generated from renewable sources. Also, in the near future, the government plans to make Costa Rica a country with a neutral level of carbon dioxide emissions.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

High level of medicine

Overall, Costa Rica has a high standard of medicine. And due to the compulsory insurance (depending on incomes), the medicine of Costa Rica is significantly ahead of the United States and is one of the best in Latin America.

There are 1,053 clinics (EBAIS) in the country that provide free medical care to residents and citizens.

Besides, Costa Rica is known for its medical tourism. A large number of foreigners come to this country to receive medical services. The reasons for this: high quality and affordable cost (compared to other countries).

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Nice people

Of course, when choosing a country to move to, the mentality of the local population is very important. After all, we spend a lot of time in society. Accordingly, our mood also depends on how comfortable we are with the people around us. Costa Ricans are known for their ease of communication, friendliness, and cheerfulness. Also, it is an absolutely conflict-free nation, where politeness is above all. Therefore, if you want to avoid stress and add more peace and tranquility to your life, Costa Rica is an excellent place.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

Country of longevity and healthy lifestyle

Costa Rica has the highest life expectancy. On average, men live 77 years and women 82 years. In addition, many serious diseases (such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease) almost never occur in the country.

Moreover, Costa Ricans are big supporters of a healthy lifestyle. They prefer proper nutrition, almost never eat fast food and semi-processed goods. In this country, you will always find a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

Sport is of great importance to the people of the country. By the way, tikos (the local population) almost never smoke. Also, smoking is prohibited in public places and on public transport.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

The safest country in Latin America

Compared to other countries in Latin America, Costa Rica is the safest and most politically stable. It is a state of broad democratic freedoms. The crime rate in Costa Rica is quite low. The police are keeping order in the country.

Low prices

In conclusion, Costa Rica has low prices for food. Especially, fruits and vegetables are very cheap here. In addition, renting and buying real estate in Costa Rica is much cheaper than in many European countries and the United States.

Why is Costa Rica a good place to move?

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