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Costa Rica Laguna Eco Village a Terrestrial Paradise in Quepos

Written by Marco Carvajal

The connecting cities of Quepos and Manuel Antonio are one of the best places to live near the sea, the flora, and the fauna of Costa Rica. Both are on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in the province of Puntarenas surrounded by natural mangroves where you can find monkeys, frogs, and iguanas typical of the area, birds, and trees that have more than 100 years of existence.

One of the great attractions of the area is the Manuel Antonio National Park, a true virgin tropical paradise, where you can walk and visit different beaches and lagoons, hundreds of kinds of flowers and plants, and many animals that live in peace and are protected inside this park, especially the large number of white-faced monkeys.

Costa Rica QueposDuring my last trip to Quepos, I was surprised to find the new Laguna Eco Village development in Isla Damas, with a natural mangrove with lots of virgin nature, animals, butterflies, and birds in its green areas. At a very short distance from Eco Village, you can enjoy the view or take a boat ride around the beautiful mangrove swamp. After a short 15 minutes drive, you can visit the sea and sometimes you can admire whales and dolphins; also you can enjoy the sunset on the sand of the Pacific Ocean.

Laguna Eco Village is a paradisiacal place in Isla Damas, Quepos, where time stands still, you can breathe the freshest air on the planet, the wild and beautiful nature of the mangrove, with hundreds of colors that adorn its surroundings

Costa Rica MonkeysCosta Rica attracts many retirees and pensioners, as well as many nature lovers who want to live near the sea, especially in the area of Isla Damas, Quepos which is a Tropical paradise, where I have found a new garden of Eden, Laguna Eco Village.

Quepos is an area well known both by local Costa Ricans and foreign visitors, especially for its excellent sport fishing, whales, gastronomy, visits to mountains, beaches, lagoons, rivers, waterfalls and for having one of the most beautiful oceans on the planet. . This area has attracted great personalities and celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Stallone, Bill Clinton, Vanessa Williams, Elizabeth Taylor, Stephen Stills, Ricky Schroder, Robert Redford, Don Johnson, Kevin Costner and many more.

Despite so many visitors, Quepos still remains one of the most virgin places in Costa Rica, where the footprint of man is not yet so strong.
Costa Rica Quepos

Quepos is an eco-tourist city, which has an excellent geographical location at hour and a half from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. At a very short distance there are many other beaches and natural sanctuaries, it has private and public hospitals, pharmacies, super markets, hardware stores, and the new Marina Quepos.

Costa Rica QueposWe all want to find our own terrestrial paradise where we can live or travel on vacation, but because of modernization and the advancement of technology, this ideal for many is increasingly seen as an impossible dream. Thanks to new real estate options, such as the Laguna Eco Village condominium, which is part of a new residential trend in different areas of Costa Rica, the possibility of living in our own Garden of Eden is possible at an affordable cost.

The gray concrete of the city, modern industry, technology, epidemics, and an increasingly commercial and materialistic world tell us every day more than a life surrounded by nature and clean air, but in Costa Rica, there are options at a very reasonable price that allows us to live in a natural paradise. Many new residential projects support tourism in Quepos and are providing an excellent opportunity for Americans and foreigners who want to buy their little piece of paradise.

Costa Rica QueposReal estate prices that had normally been rising in Costa Rica before the Covid crisis have now remained stable or in some cases have fallen, making Costa Rica now an excellent option to buy a home, either as a main home, for holidays, or as a real estate investment.

Speaking with Catalina Jiménez, Marketing and Sales Manager of the Laguna Eco Village Condominium, she told us that Costa Rica is becoming now more than ever a unique place for international buyers who take advantage of the current low market prices, where they can buy a condominium in projects like Laguna Eco Village for prices around $105,000 for a 90-square-meter 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condominium with a walk-in-closet, this is a very low price compared to prices for a similar property in markets where real estate prices are skyrocketing, like Florida, where a similar property could cost $300,000.

The advantage of buying in Quepos is not only the excellent price but also the best climate and nature in areas near the mangrove and the sea.

There are many legal and tax benefits for Investors, Retired, and Pensioners, with important tax benefits and exemptions for foreigners who wish to live or have their second home in Costa Rica.

Mangroves, parrots, birds, small tigers, white-faced monkeys, whales, dolphins, eco-cities, eco-tourism, sport fishing, and a life in peace and harmony with the environment is possible in Isla Damas, its surroundings, Quepos, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Quepos

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