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Medical insurance for travel to Costa Rica

Medical insurance for travel to Costa Rica

More and more foreigners move to Costa Rica every year. A number of health insurance plans are available for them. Costa Rica is constantly modernizing its private and public system at no additional cost. In this country, both locals and foreigners can get optimal medical services at very low prices.

Effective Aug. 1, 2021, the Costa Rican government will require inbound unvaccinated tourists to have:

  • $50,000 in coverage for medical expenses, including Covid
  • $2,000 in coverage for quarantine lodging expenses due to Covid while in Costa Rica

That $ 2,000 should cover the additional living expenses if you test positive for Covid or have a contact that requires quarantine and prevents you from returning home on schedule.

Tourists under the age of 18 and fully vaccinated travelers are not required to have this insurance to travel to Costa Rica.

One of the important conditions for visiting Costa Rica is that all visitors, regardless of age or vaccination, completed the Health Pass at least 72 hours before arrival. Vaccinated travelers must attach a copy of their vaccination certificate with the Health Pass.


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