Food prices in Costa Rica
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Cost of Living in Costa Rica: Food Prices

Many factors affect the standard of living in Costa Rica. And one of them is the ability to eat inexpensively, but with high quality. The value of products depends to a large extent on whether they are produced domestically or imported. Local vegetables, fruits, and meat will cost several times cheaper than imported ones. Costa Rica has a wide variety of vegetables and even more fruits. In addition, living in Costa Rica, these products can be enjoyed all year round, because it is always summer here.

Цены на продукты в Коста-Рике

For example, a family of three can spend about $ 40 a week on food if they shop from local farmers. If you eat expensive meats, imported wine and beer, cheeses, canned food, and chocolate from Europe or the United States, spending on food from the family budget will increase several times.

Everything that is produced domestically is relatively cheap. Moreover, the quality of these products is quite good. In supermarkets, you can always find both imported goods and local ones. This gives everyone a choice.

As for restaurants, the price difference here can be quite large. It all depends on the level of the establishment, in fact, as in any country. In Costa Rica, you can always find something suitable for you, as the variety of dishes is surprising. And most importantly, it is always tasty, regardless of the prestige of the establishment. They love rice in any form: with seafood, with meat or with vegetables, and sometimes even in the form of a dessert! It is also not difficult to find delicious pasta, pizza, sushi, or, for example, Mexican dishes, which are more in demand here. By the way, Costa Rica also has a lot of traditional dishes that may be of interest to tourists.

Цены на продукты в Коста-Рике

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