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When is the best time to fly to Costa Rica for vacation?

Costa Rica has a subequatorial climate. The territory of the country is rather small, however, it is characterized by a huge variety of weather conditions. For example, there are frosts in the mountains, fogs in the forests, the central part of the country is called “the territory of eternal spring”, and on the coasts, relatively stuffy and hot weather lasts almost all year round.

The period when it is better to go to Costa Rica is the calendar winter and spring. This time in the country is usually called Verano – summer. The high season in Costa Rica usually runs from December to mean main. At this time, there is almost no rainfall in the country. Accordingly, from May to November, the amount of precipitation increases significantly.

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Holidays in Costa Rica in the winter

On average, the weather in Costa Rica in winter is at around + 28 ° C. Since December there is a dry season, which means that this is the best time to relax in this country. Strong winds and precipitation continue to dominate only on the Caribbean coast.

If you want to purchase a tour for this period, then it is better to plan a vacation in Costa Rica in the winter on the Pacific coast. Winter is the season when going to Costa Rica is behind the brightest and most diverse emotions. However, it should be borne in mind that in high season and prices in Costa Rica are high.

Holidays in Costa Rica in the spring

In the spring, the weather in Costa Rica is still very good. You can come here from March to May and enjoy the comfortable weather. Depending on the region, the air temperature will warm up to + 15-25 ° C.

To make your vacation in Costa Rica very exciting and memorable in the spring, do not miss the opportunity to go surfing or diving here and get a uniform bronze tan. Despite the rainy season beginning in May, this time of the year is extremely popular with tourists.

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Holidays in Costa Rica in the summer

While summer is generally considered the best time to go on vacation, it is not recommended to choose Costa Rica during this period. It is in the summer that the rainy season is at its height. The largest amount of precipitation falls in the highlands. The air temperature is kept within + 25 ° C.

Summer is called the green season here, when it is not worth going to Costa Rica for those who cannot stand heavy rains. Indeed, the weather in Costa Rica in summer can be called the most changeable and unpredictable. After walking 2 steps down the street, it can rain heavily, and after 2 more steps the sun may come out.

Holidays in Costa Rica in the fall

There are usually few tourists in Costa Rica in the fall. Therefore, the rest can be more economical. At this time, you can save money on tours. The weather in Costa Rica is quite favorable in autumn. Daily precipitation is possible only on the Atlantic coast. As for the opposite coast, a dry season is established here.

The air temperature is kept at around + 29 ° C during the day and + 21 ° C at night. The water warms up to + 26 ° C.

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