What does an immigrant

What does an immigrant need to get a job?

What does an immigrant need to get a job?

Registration of a work visa

A work visa allows not only entry into the territory of Costa Rica, but also stay in this country for the duration of the employment contract.

To obtain a work visa, you should contact the diplomatic mission of the country and submit a package of papers, consisting of:

  • A valid foreign passport.
  • Visa applications.
  • Photos in the amount of 4 pieces.
  • Employer invitations.
  • Letters indicating the vacancy and salary level.

Work permit

It is extremely difficult to obtain a work permit in Costa Rica on your own. But this procedure is greatly simplified if a foreigner comes to work in this republic on a work visa. On the basis of this type of visa, a foreign resident can obtain a work permit from the General Directorate for Migration.

Initially, upon arrival in the country, the foreign representative is assigned the status of “permanent resident”, on the basis of which he can obtain a work permit. The difference is that holders of a work visa should not reside in the territory of this republic for the last 180 days to obtain status.

To obtain a work permit, a foreign representative must submit a package of papers, consisting of:

  • Written statement.
  • Letters from the organization that invited the employee. The letter must indicate the working conditions and salary of the foreign resident.
  • Photocopies of all pages of the international passport. A copy of the labor visa page must be present.
  • Two photos of a foreigner.

Foreign pensioners and people with the status of “Rentier” cannot get a work permit. Let us remind you that the “Rentier” status implies that a person lives in Costa Rica from income received from his native state.

A person with a rentier status can only receive a work permit one year after receiving a residence permit in Costa Rica.

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