How to find a job in Costa Rica

Most sought after professions in Costa Rica

Most sought after professions in Costa Rica

In-demand specialties

If you intend to leave for this country for the purpose of employment, you should immediately prepare for the fact that, most likely, you will have to work for hire in low-skilled specialties.

Costa Rica is a tourist country, so most often it is easier to find a job in the service sector (hotels, cafes, restaurants). About 70% of the country’s total income comes from tourism.

The most requested destinations in Costa Rica:

  • Tourism.
  • Real estate industry.
  • Sports area. It is quite easy to find work in the country for surfing, diving, tennis, or horse riding instructors.
  • IT sphere. There is a demand in the country for web designers, technical masters, and specialists involved in the promotion and promotion of sites.

Costa Rica is popular not only for its amazing nature but also for the production of medical equipment. Here engineers developing medical equipment can easily find work.

This country has a fairly high level of medicine. Foreign residents often come to the republic for treatment and undergoing rehabilitation programs. Therefore, doctors of all directions are in great demand in this country. But it should be borne in mind that only a person who has not only high qualifications but also quite a lot of work experience can get a job in Costa Rica as a doctor.

One of the main requirements for potential employees is the knowledge of the Spanish language at a conversational level. Although this country is located in America, English is rarely used here.

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