How to open a bank account in Costa Rica?

Banking system of Costa Rica

Banking system of Costa Rica

The banking and financial sector in Costa Rica is stable, liquid and well-regulated thanks to the changes that have been made in recent years.

Costa Rica’s financial system consists of two public commercial banks, 11 private commercial banks, one worker bank, one public mortgage bank, two mutual housing finance companies, five non-bank finance companies, 25 savings and loan savings companies, and two exchange and money transfer, all under the supervision of the Office of Financial Institutions SUGEF, which, in turn, is a semi-autonomous division of the Central Bank. In addition, both public and private commercial banks and a public insurance company operate a number of investment and pension funds or trusts.

Top Banks in Costa Rica Include:

  • Banco Nacional de Costa Rica
  • Banco de Costa Rica (BCR)
  • Banco Promerica – Costa Rica
  • Banco BAC San Jose
  • Banco Bct
  • Banco Improsa
  • Banco Davivienda (Costa Rica)
  • Scotiabank de Costa Rica

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