Costa Rica: the history of the country

What industries are developed in Costa Rica?

What industries are developed in Costa Rica?

At the present time, the basis of the economy of Costa Rica is the production and export of electronics (microprocessors and medical devices), tourism, in particular ecotourism. The country is distinguished by natural beauty, moderate year-round temperatures, relatively low crime rates and low cost of living. Tourism is very important to Costa Rica’s economy.

Also, the country has developed the production of coffee, tea, corn, bananas, sugar and beef.

Foreign investors are attracted by the political stability of Costa Rica, low inflation and a sufficiently qualified workforce.

Companies investing in the country’s agricultural sector are guaranteed a return on their initial investment. Investing in this sustainable sector is one of the safest investments in terms of long-term commercial success.

Moreover, the standard of living in Costa Rica exceeds even the Mexican one and is close to the world average. In this respect, Costa Rica compares favorably with neighboring, poorer Central American states.

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