How to find a job in Costa Rica

Do I need to be a Costa Rican citizen to start a business?

Do I need to be a Costa Rican citizen to start a business?

Despite its small size, Costa Rica is known as one of the most developed countries in Latin America. Stability and economic prosperity make this jurisdiction one of the most popular places among foreign investors.

An active supporter of foreign direct investment, Costa Rica is an active participant in various free trade agreements with countries such as Chile, Panama and Mexico. Unlike some other Latin American countries, Costa Rica has no restrictions on foreign business ownership.

Advantages of company registration for foreigners

The country offers foreign investors a politically stable environment, proximity to the world’s major cities and an international reputation.

One of the advantages of starting a business in Costa Rica is Costa Rica’s excellent geographic location. This provides a competitive advantage for American companies doing business in that country. In addition, Costa Rica is a land bridge connecting Central, South and North America. Moreover, the country has access to both the Pacific and Caribbean regions, where it has first-class ports that help provide logistics solutions and international maritime connections.



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