Buying a property

Buy a home through a real estate agency or without an agent?

Buy a home through a real estate agency or without an agent?

Buying an apartment or house without intermediaries is the dream of most buyers who do not want to pay extra for the services of a realtor. In reality, there is nothing unrealistic in this, however, preparing for a deal and finding a suitable option, in this case, will be more tedious for the consumer, and the risk of being left without money and without a living space increases.

Is it obligatory to contact a realtor?

No, because he is not doing anything that any sane and capable apartment buyer could not handle. However, he acts as a guarantor of the security and transparency of the transaction. You can compare the process of finding a home and signing a sale and purchase agreement with a major overhaul – many take it on themselves, doing all the necessary work with their own hands, but there are also those who use the services of professionals. In the latter case, it takes less time to rework, and the result will be of higher quality. There is only one minus for the consumer – you will have to pay extra for it.
To decide whether to contact a realtor or not, you need to think about what is in the first place for you – the solution of the housing issue without the risk of falling into the bait of scammers or saving the budget.

What does a real estate agent do:

  • looking for the best option among hundreds of offers on the market – both primary and secondary;
  • checks the legal cleanliness of housing;
  • negotiates with the seller;
  • collects and prepares the necessary documents, etc.

What can you do yourself:

  • Apartment search
  • Analysis of the situation in the real estate market
  • Inspection of the living space
  • Checking legal purity
  • Preparation of documents for the transaction
  • Drawing up a sales contract
  • Make a deal

The procedure for buying real estate without a realtor requires a lot of effort, time and knowledge that an ordinary consumer does not have. Contacting a qualified agent is your protection against fraud by unscrupulous construction companies and dishonest sellers in the secondary market.

It is worth recalling that even with all the awareness of the persons involved in the transaction, checking the history of housing, the presence of arrests, bans and other risks is impossible without the involvement of specialists who have the necessary information and are able to conduct an examination of legal purity.

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