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What laws do tourists need to know in Costa Rica?

What laws do tourists need to know in Costa Rica?

Requirements to enter Costa Rica during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Costa Rica is open to tourists from all over the world by air, land and sea.

The tourist must meet the requirements for obtaining a visa, if necessary, as well as the requirements established by the pandemic.

At the moment, the government of the republic does not require tests for Covid-19 and does not issue sanitary orders for entering the country by air or land.

The only requirement is the presence of a pole for health insurance in case of infection with Covid-19, which will cover all costs in case of quarantine and self-isolation. The certificate must be in English or Spanish.

During the registration of insurance, the following points must be taken into account:
  • The duration of the insurance policy must coincide with the dates of stay in Costa Rica.
  • The medical coverage guarantee must be $ 50,000.
  • The minimum coverage for living expenses in case of illness is $ 2,000.

Moreover, if the tourist did not have the opportunity to take out insurance at home, he can get it from one of the Costa Rican insurance companies. Plus, they offer their services at airports.

In addition to the insurance policy, upon entry, the tourist must show his passport and confirm his intention to leave the country within 90 days.


The health pass can only be completed within 72 hours of arrival in the country. One form must be completed per person, including minors without exception.

In addition, vaccinated travelers must attach a vaccination certificate to the Health Pass. Vaccination certificates and vaccination cards are accepted as proof.

In the case of US travelers, a “COVID-19 vaccination card” will be accepted.


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