medicine in Costa Rica

Quality of medicine in Costa Rica

Quality of medicine in Costa Rica

The level of medicine in Costa Rica is considered one of the best. This proves the quality of medical services not only in Latin America but also in the world. Someone may argue with this, but on the other hand, in which country is ideological medicine? Costa Rica is renowned for its clinics delivering high-quality medical services comparable to the American JCI standards.

The country’s medical system

Both public and private clinics are widespread in the country, which gives citizens a choice. Clinics are provided with modern equipment, all the necessary medicines and highly qualified specialists.
Health care services in Costa Rica are provided on the basis of publicly available compulsory health insurance. Standard health insurance usually costs a Costa Rican about $ 45-60 a month. This insurance contains all the necessary medical services, including:

  • contacting a doctor
  • passage of narrow specialists
  • the need for outpatient or inpatient treatment

If you go to a public hospital, you may have to wait a long time for the right specialist. Service in state medical institutions sometimes also leaves much to be desired, because many Costa Ricans provide themselves with additional health insurance in private medical institutions (paid medicine in Costa Rica is based on American standards). While not necessary, private one-time visits with a possible home visit to the doctor are common in Costa Rica.

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