Direct flight from Russia to Costa Rica
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Direct flight from Russia to Costa Rica will be available twice a week

Great news for travelers! From December 1, it is allowed to open two direct weekly flights between Moscow and San Jose. This was confirmed by the Russian government news agency TASS in a press release.

Also last month, TASS reported that Russia will resume flights with Argentina and Brazil and lift restrictions on regular and non-scheduled flights to Cuba and Mexico from December 1.

This makes it possible for Russian tourists to make their way to distant countries easier, and for these countries to restore tourism.

Air Traffic Memoranda and Rules are international agreements that govern air traffic between countries and define the characteristics of the relationship, such as the number of flights that can be operated between countries, whether they are a passenger or cargo routes, or whether more flights can be operated.

Note that from January to October 2021, 2,250 passengers from Russia arrived in the country, which is 1.5% of European tourists. According to the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT), in 2019, 4273 passengers arrived from Russia before the pandemic.

One characteristic is that both Costa Rica and Russia require a visa.

Direct flight from Russia to Costa Rica

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