Shopping in Costa Rica
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Shopping in Costa Rica: prices for clothes and shoes

First of all, it should be noted that shopping in Costa Rica is not cheap, since the bulk of the goods are brought from other countries. There are plenty of shopping malls and ordinary shops selling clothes and shoes, but some Costaritans like to travel to the United States for the purpose of shopping.

Shopping spots in Costa Rica

One of the largest shopping centers in Costa Rica is Multiplaza, located in the city of Escazu. This large and beautifully designed mall has a wide variety of clothing stores, several hardware stores, as well as cosmetics and perfume stores. Within the walls of the mall, shops of popular European and American brands are presented. In addition, you can have a delicious lunch here and visit the cinema.

Alajuela also has an attractive shopping center called City Mall. The shopping center is ideal for visiting with children, there are many pavilions with children’s toys, sweets, and interesting souvenirs, as well as playgrounds and recreation areas with various attractions. The mall has a huge food fort area with a variety of popular fast-food restaurants.

Шопинг в Коста-Рике

Also in the city of Alajuela, there is a shopping center Plaza Real Alajuela. This shopping and entertainment center houses one of the best and most modern cinemas in the country. Plaza Real Alajuela has many youth-friendly shops. After shopping, you can relax in the elegant cafes, and the mall often hosts entertainment events. This shopping center is also not deprived of an abundance of clothing, footwear, and accessories stores.

If you’re looking for a shopping mall in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose, Mall San Pedro is here. This is a small shopping and entertainment center, but still, it attracts a variety of goods. Here you can visit inexpensive clothing stores, choose new interesting accessories and electronic gadgets, and then go to the recreation area and try out various slot machines in action.

Shopping in Costa Rica will give you pleasure, especially if you research in advance the places in which it will be best for you.

Шопинг в Коста-Рике

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