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The realities of everyday life in Costa Rica. Paradise on Earth or danger at every turn?

Реалии повседневной жизни в Коста-Рике

Costa Rica is a country that attracts tourists with its unique beauty and rich fauna. And also, according to statistics, the happiest people live here. But is everything as wonderful as it seems at first glance? The realities of everyday life in Costa Rica give this country a fresh perspective. And this is not surprising, because nothing is perfect. And even in a place that can rightfully be called a paradise because of the beautiful beaches full of palm trees and many other trees and plants, you will learn the other side of life in this country.

Costa Rica is generally considered a safe country. But still here you always need to be on the alert. For example, in public places, on the street and even in your own car, you should always keep an eye on your belongings. The greatest danger is pocketed, which can be easily avoided by observing the simplest precautions. Theft of cars and things from them is also quite common. Otherwise, the criminal situation in the country is quite calm.

Реалии повседневной жизни в Коста-Рике

Basically, all Costaitarians are very friendly towards each other and towards foreigners. But there are many poor people in the country who find no other way to earn money than to rob people, whether in a public place or in their own homes. For this reason, many Costa Ricans choose to live in condominiums. This ensures 24/7 security and a quiet life. Of course, not everyone can afford such a life, but everyone strives for it. The realities of everyday life in Costa Rica are as follows.

Be vigilant and this country will bring you only positive emotions!

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