open a company in Costa Rica
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Why is it profitable to open a company in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of the most politically calm and financially attractive countries in Central America. This allows residents and non-residents of the jurisdiction to be completely exempt from corporate tax if the profit is received in another country in the world.

Benefits of registering a company in Costa Rica

  • Sufficiently high economic indicators of the country. After the global financial crisis, Costa Rica quickly recovered its economic indicators, and after a short amount of time, it ensured their growth. Investors around the world are actively involved in investing in the Costa Rican economy. For this reason, the level of investment attraction in Costa Rica is often the highest in Latin America.
  • Costa Rica has a territorial principle of taxation. This means paying taxes is required only on those incomes that are received in the territory of Costa Rica. This characteristic of Costa Rica is especially attractive for non-resident entrepreneurs who wish to register an offshore company in Costa Rica and conduct business outside of it.
  • A company in Costa Rica can be incorporated by 100% non-residents. In the legislation of Costa Rica, there is no requirement for the mandatory participation of a resident of Costa Rica in the structure of companies established on its territory.
  • The growing reputation of Costa Rica. Costa Rica’s vigorous efforts to meet the requirements of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) have a very positive impact on its reputation. The official website of the OECD indicates that Costa Rica is currently at the stage of joining the OECD, so in the near future you can expect to see Costa Rica among the OECD countries.

open a company in Costa Rica

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